The essence of Matisse painting
They say that the whole world is a canvas on which we all write. And revolutionaries are those who always write in broad strokes, without paying any attention to those…

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Grisaille art technique in the history of world art
History of occurrence. Western schools The origins of grisaille lie in the early Middle Ages. Icon painters often used monochrome tricks due to the meager color palette and strict religious…

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The intricacies of acrylic work for a novice artist
In the artistic environment, more and more brush masters are trying to work with acrylic paints. Like oil or watercolor, acrylic has its own properties, and therefore a slightly different…

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Russian lacquer miniature

Fedoskino lacquer miniature.

The art of lacquer miniatures appeared in ancient China several thousand years ago, then, through India and Persia, in the 17th century penetrated Europe, conquering the beauty of French and German masters. The first production of products decorated with varnishes was opened in Germany in 1763.

Wealthy fashionistas from all over Europe sought to get an exquisite box or snuffbox with a gallant scene or fancy Rococo patterns. From Russia orders were received for caskets with portraits of the great monarchs. However, I also wanted to have such a production in myself, fortunately, the craftsmen always had Russian land full, and under their power they could do better abroad. Continue reading

Cooperation agreement

And finally, we move on to the last stage: an agreement on cooperation. You need to fill out the “Commission Agreement” and related papers. Carefully study their contents before you put your signature! Some points may require discussion. We advise you to pay attention to the following conditions:

How long is the work accepted
How long is the payment after the sale
If the gallery provides a discount, from whose income it is deducted – yours or gallery
What responsibility does the gallery bear in case of damage or theft of work
Is it possible for you to exhibit in other galleries and independently sell your work via the Internet Continue reading

Where to sell paintings: tips for a novice artist. Part 1

So, you are an aspiring artist and decided to monetize your talent. But your work is not yet familiar to either collectors or the general public, so cooperation with large galleries is postponed until better times. However, do not worry: many subsequently famous artists at the beginning of their careers suffered from a lack of orders and sales, but this did not stop them. Do not be afraid of difficulties and remember that the great begins with the small!

Vincent Van Gogh, “Red Vineyards in Arles,” 1888. According to a common myth, during the life of the artist, only this painting was sold. Continue reading

Soviet beauties
The Soviet Union existed for a rather long period of time, during which the features of urban development, its own industry, and specific art were developed. At that time, they…


Paintings on the leaves: painstaking art
Nowadays, it is becoming increasingly difficult to surprise the viewer. Therefore, artists, artists, directors and other representatives of the creative professions have to go to various tricks, master new techniques,…


The “dead layer” of Flemish painting
Studying the technique of some old masters, we are faced with the so-called “Flemish method” of oil painting. This is a multi-layered, technically complex way of writing, the opposite of…


African traditional art
The new year has passed, and winter does not end. Are you tired? Then let's get to the hottest continent - to Africa, and plunge a little into its history.…