Traditional art

Red and purple
Red pigment is obtained due to high iron oxide red earth. For thousands of years, a bright red dye has been extracted from cochineal: to obtain 100 grams of pigment,…

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Modular paintings: what's the big deal?
Modular panels have become very popular in recent years. But this is not a new invention at all. Moreover, modular art has been around for centuries. The modular picture consists…

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The essence of Matisse painting
They say that the whole world is a canvas on which we all write. And revolutionaries are those who always write in broad strokes, without paying any attention to those…

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Popular Russian watercolor artists

The first artists working with watercolor
Diver P. Sokolov.
It is considered the first in Russia, therefore it is considered the ancestor of the domestic portrait in watercolor. After training, he was engaged in oil works, however, he abandoned them in favor of watercolors and achieved unprecedented success with it.

P. Sokolov

The work of the Bryullov brothers was also talented.
Creations Bryullov appreciated during his lifetime. The artist was born in St. Petersburg, was lonely, but very in demand. Even then, his magnificent watercolors sought to copy and enjoyed buying.

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Five contemporary artists everyone should know

Today there are artists whose vision and influence exalt them above the crowd. Many of them managed to have an undeniable impact on world art production and culture in general.

The contemporary artists presented below are the creators of exceptional art, demonstrating extraordinary talents and a rather unique aesthetics.

Alejandro Hernandez.
There is a certain charm that flows from the paintings. Her vivid and fantastic paintings make you wonder where the plot came from and what such a narrative means. Continue reading

How to make a portfolio and resume of the artist. The advice of an art critic.

Throughout the centuries of the professional art trade, aspiring artists have attributed their work to the owners of exhibition spaces and art shops in the hope that they will be accepted. In the 21st century, the situation has changed: modern technology and the availability of Internet access have greatly simplified this process for both parties.

Now you do not need to take pictures and go on a trip around the city, just spend a couple of hours on digitizing your work and writing a resume. The tradition has completely outlived itself: if you appear in the gallery without prior agreement, most likely they won’t even look at your paintings. Therefore, do not waste time – send a letter.

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Soviet beauties

The Soviet Union existed for a rather long period of time, during which the features of urban development, its own industry, and specific art were developed. At that time, they valued high internal qualities, and not a model appearance.

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Charcoal drawing
Whatever the rich man would entertain, if only he would not sue
The state needed purposeful, strong-willed, full of energy people, healthy in body and spirit. In the Soviet years, artists often painted women.

The goal of the creators.
The creators of that period sought to reflect the new female image. This affected the cinema, theater and, of course, paintings. Refined, sophisticated and pampered ladies were replaced by strong-willed women with a steel character.

New women were rebels, revolutionaries, activists, they became role models, led the masses. The struggle for gender equality was noticeably reflected: women abandoned household chores, pushing the patriarchal system, and sought rights on a par with men. Continue reading

Why did the famous socialist realist Heliy Korzhev begin to write mutant-turliks ​​and paintings on biblical motifs

The work of Helium Korzhev is distinguished by a special vision, with one gesture he could express the thoughts of a whole generation. The Soviet painter was a professor, teacher, worked in a business style. He was the winner of several awards from the state.
Helium did not create solo exhibitions, refused the positioned machine, the salary of the chairman. He did not pursue either fame or financial well-being, and was closed from the world for almost his entire life, devoting all his time to drawing, choosing topics that excited his soul.

Socialist realist Heliy Korzhev

He chose ordinary people as heroes, provided that they were capable of heroism. Continue reading

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