The secrets of drawing a portrait from a photograph
Creativity is influenced not only by the inspiring world around, but also by the tools and technologies inherent in a given time. Photography is a tool that in the shortest…

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Red and purple
Red pigment is obtained due to high iron oxide red earth. For thousands of years, a bright red dye has been extracted from cochineal: to obtain 100 grams of pigment,…

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Shrek's father
Of course, you are familiar with the huge green ogre Shrek, who adores his swamp and solitude. In Russia, Shrek gained fame thanks to the eponymous cartoon (2001). But the…

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How to care for a baguette

The main enemies of the baguette are common factors in the form of dust, humidity, sunlight. Drafts and careless handling are also unfavorable for the product.

Frames for the manufacture of which plastic or wood were used should be placed in good room conditions. Exclude direct sunlight from them, remove from fire to avoid deformation. Such baguettes cannot be used in the bath, steam room and bathhouse.

A baguette aluminum product is not afraid of sunlight and water. Avoid placement in humid rooms, as corrosion may appear on fittings in the corners of frames.

From baguette products it is often necessary to brush off dust. The dust itself does not cause harm, but when mixed with indoor air, it settles on a baguette, the pattern gets clogged. It is easy to clean a little dust with a soft (make-up) brush. If it has accumulated a lot, vacuum gently.

A good option is to wipe the baguette with a damp soft cloth without lint, so as not to leave hairs. In no case do not use funds with chlorine and ammonia.
Stucco molding and textured drawing also need to be cleaned: you need to carefully “walk” on them with a rough brush.

In case of severe contamination, it is recommended to wash with plain clean water without any chemicals.

The frequency of care for the frame.
It all depends on the climate of the room. If it is warm and dry, with moderate humidity, wipe the product once every two weeks with a dry cloth or brush. If the room has very dry air, wet cleaning is required, without soaking the baguette, once a month.

The glass of the frame must be cleaned with special tools without touching the baguette.

If you are sure that your work is in favorable conditions for it, still sometimes it is necessary to inspect the work and the accessories of the baguette.

Look carefully if the picture has faded, whether the paint adheres well to it, if there are rusty spots on the canvas, or if the image faded. Check the integrity of the frame for deformation.

If flaws are found, take them to a baguette workshop to eliminate them.




At the baguette frame, check the condition of the suspensions, how the hooks and clips are held, if there is any corrosion on the suspensions. Repair these defects yourself or in the workshop.

You can avoid rust on metal parts with wax or petroleum jelly, carefully apply them with a thin layer on the reinforcement.

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