The influence of color on the perception of the picture
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Outsider - art
Brute art or art brut is often confused with the so-called art of outsiders. But if art brut is rather “art of the crazy”, then outsider art is a broader…

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The brightest animal painters

The animalistic genre is far from being the most popular in the world of painting, since the works are not as demanded as impressionism or romanticism. At the same time, there are many artists who masterfully draw animals and create bright and beautiful paintings. Often, animal painters added animals to drawings by other artists, as was the case with Shishkin’s famous canvas, where Savitsky painted bears.

So, what kind of animal artists can be noted?

Robert Bateman
Since childhood, Robert has been practicing painting birds, now he has gained fame by drawing animals and birds in a natural setting. Robert’s work took pride of place in private collections of famous museums. He appreciates nature and is a member of organizations for its protection.

Bulgarian artist Karl Branders
The artist spent a lot of time on training, now he is working on sketches using a pencil, then he complements the work using gouache and watercolors. As a result, each of the works is striking in its realism; they are very close to photographs.

Peter Williams
The artist is self-taught, working as a driver, mentor and computer analyst. He always engaged in painting in parallel. But by 2002, Peter began to paint professionally, and by 2010 Wildlife Artist magazine awarded him the prize. At the moment, Peter is revered, and his drawings are printed in publications

Terry Isaac – American Analist

The artist began with illustrations for books for children, but was subsequently fascinated by the beauty of the wild. He believes that for this direction in drawing it is very important to be able to observe nature and its inhabitants. He was recognized as the best in Florida in 1998, worked on bird guides, and his work has been exhibited in famous museums.


Watercolors Susan Bordet
It is very difficult to paint with watercolors, but Susan manages to convey the real anatomy, complementing the images with a soft background in the style of impressionism. This technique has developed over two decades of the artist. She is actively exposed, published in the album “The Charm of Nature.”


Animalist David Stribbling
It is leading in its direction in the UK. Since 1996, he designed the studio in the attic and began to work seriously. The artist prefers to draw wildlife, most often African open spaces and animals are captured in his works.



Christina Pinescu from Romania
Vivid works of the artist are created using the technique of grattazha. She makes images with a special base and scratches. Kristina did not study, having mastered the technique on her own. For each image, it takes about 1000 strokes of white clay on pressed cardboard. Further, the work is covered with black ink and realistic halftones are created. Some paintings are decorated with acrylics.

Works by Paul Krappf
An artist from America was born in the western part of Pennsylvania. To learn to reflect nature and animals, he studied painting. First at high school, and later in Pittsburgh, attending an art institute. Before devoting himself entirely to painting, the artist worked at NASA as a design engineer.

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