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Popular Russian watercolor artists

The first artists working with watercolor
Diver P. Sokolov.
It is considered the first in Russia, therefore it is considered the ancestor of the domestic portrait in watercolor. After training, he was engaged in oil works, however, he abandoned them in favor of watercolors and achieved unprecedented success with it.

P. Sokolov

The work of the Bryullov brothers was also talented.
Creations Bryullov appreciated during his lifetime. The artist was born in St. Petersburg, was lonely, but very in demand. Even then, his magnificent watercolors sought to copy and enjoyed buying.

In his work, a touch of romanticism is visible, and notes of classicism are also considered. His brother was more involved in design. Gradually, the number of artists who successfully paint with watercolors increased markedly.

Sergey Alekseev.
The artist received a proper art education and since 1997 became a member of the Union of Arts in Russia. Magnificent works with images of cities, the sea, landscapes are exhibited both in Russia and abroad.

Watercolors by Sergey Alekseev

Now Alekseev is considered the best in St. Petersburg, he creates incredible watercolors with beautiful views of city streets, bridges, embankments.

Sergey Andriyaka. Teaching and watercolor painting.
Sergey Andriyaka

Sergey exhibits incomparable works, and also teaches painting, both for children and adults. Among his favorite subjects are Russian villages and still lifes.

In each picture, an incredibly detailed study of every detail is noticeable, which helps to achieve realism impeccable for watercolor. He is one of the few in Russia who works with the creation of multilayer watercolors.



Elena Bazanova.
The artist has already managed to earn a world name. She not only paints beautiful watercolors, but also performs illustrations for children’s books, collaborating with publishers in St. Petersburg.

Her work is amazing tenderness, a special transfer of reality. Many paintings took pride of place in collections around the world. Elena regularly participates in exhibitions, on her account 7 personal exhibitions and 50 collective in Russia.



She likes to work with watercolors, as she fully reveals herself in complex tasks.

Sergey Kurbatov.
The artist watercolors Sergey Kurbatov is widely known, as real masterpieces come out from under his brush. Domestic master works in a complicated manner “wet letter”, this is how he manages to show the air environment, the feeling of sunlight.


Mastery of Sergey Kurbatov

In his paintings there are European streets and views. He also paints our cities, still lifes, landscapes. Modern paper and paints have avoided the high level of fragility of watercolor paintings.



Igor Gorgots – modern watercolor.
The artist was born in Moscow and already has a lot of positive reviews, his work is in demand. Among the artist’s works are landscapes of cities, while he retains a special airiness and lightness, avoiding detailed drawing.


Igor Gorgots

Alexander Shumtsov.
The artist immediately disliked the oil, but was imbued with a love of watercolor. He did not like to wait for the dyes to dry, because he liked to capture nature and landscapes quickly, until his interest in the object of painting went out.



Alexander Shumtsov or Arush Votsmush

His unusual works are quickly sold out. It is interesting that he creates only for pleasure and, if the work “did not go”, the artist boldly removes it and seeks new inspiration.

The list of famous and sought-after Russian watercolorists is huge. It remains only to admire the fruits of creativity of the best and enjoy their giftedness.

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Popular Russian watercolor artists
The first artists working with watercolor Diver P. Sokolov. It is considered the first in Russia, therefore it is considered the ancestor of the domestic portrait in watercolor. After training,…


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