William Morris - First Designer
The profession of designer today is popular and in demand. Specialists in this field make sure that our phones, cars, furniture and household items are not only functional, but also…

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Grisaille art technique in the history of world art
History of occurrence. Western schools The origins of grisaille lie in the early Middle Ages. Icon painters often used monochrome tricks due to the meager color palette and strict religious…

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Five contemporary artists everyone should know
Today there are artists whose vision and influence exalt them above the crowd. Many of them managed to have an undeniable impact on world art production and culture in general.…

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21st Century Abstraction Artists

Abstract art allowed us to start experiments with perception, the forms of objects. Artists were able to question all the classical techniques and canons. Modern abstract artists are also pushing the boundaries of consciousness, creating a new reality.

Drawings by David Schnell
The artist is a German, he is inspired by places where nature has been replaced by human buildings such as playgrounds, factories, factories, etc. It is in such areas that the muse comes to him. His works are similar to fantastic illustrations and are created due to the imagination of David.

Speed ​​Inspiration by Christine Baker

An artist from America is very fond of Formula 1 racing and art history. She begins with the use of several layers of acrylic dyes, creating silhouettes with adhesive tape. After removing the adhesive tape, the lower layers become visible, and all irregularities are removed. The result is a spectacular multi-colored pattern.

Ephemeral creations of Sarah Spitler
With bright splashes on canvas, the artist tries to show mess, chaos, imbalance. They attract her because of the impossibility of controlling people. There is a destructive spirit in her every work, they capture with their power. Her works also talk about the relativity of life situations, the ephemeral nature of what is happening.

Futuristic creativity of R. Hardeiva
Robert is inspired by the works of Picasso, Dali, Kandinsky, he also adheres to surrealism and argues that in his work life’s unpredictability is revealed. He tries to reflect the impossibility of knowing everything in life, and for this reason the artist completely trusts the imagination. It reflects the ideas of reincarnation and the wealth of the soul.



The magic of color by E. Walker
The abstractions of a contemporary artist are very incredible due to the creation of a multilayer composition and color saturation. Straight and curved lines are connected using a color pad. Although the basis of the work is dark tones, Eli always adds brightness, allowing you to look at the picture from a new perspective.



Abstractions from F. Lekyo
In the works of an abstract artist it is difficult to consider specific faces or objects, he paints everything with his own symbolism, signs, showing objects from a completely different angle. Through his work, he seeks to expand conscious boundaries. It is possible to guess the theme of the picture only through the names.




Hypnotizing stories of H. Parla
A mixture of collage and graffiti turns the artist’s work into stylish abstractions. Graffiti inspires him, and his first drawings were created on the streets of the city. Now, Jose does not break the law by drawing on paper and exhibiting the fruits of his labors in galleries. He refers to the paintings as a capsule of time, trying to reflect his memories and impressions in them. In his work he uses inscriptions, posters, layers of paint.




Eleanna Anagnos, new facets of the familiar
The artist tries to change shapes and sizes, explore everyday life and reflect it in her own way. She makes the negative saturated with pleasant emotions, openly asks questions, tries to wake up the minds of people and show them new things.

Rapidograph: what it is and how to choose
Currently, many believe that the computer has replaced the work of engineers and artists. But this is not so. Many authors use paints, pencils and other attributes to create drawings,…


Workplace of the artist
For the artist, it’s not only the muse that is important, but ordinary everyday (workers) so that the conditions of visual perception do not hamper the artist’s imagination, the room…


The “dead layer” of Flemish painting
Studying the technique of some old masters, we are faced with the so-called “Flemish method” of oil painting. This is a multi-layered, technically complex way of writing, the opposite of…


5 tips from successful illustrators
1. Quality Above All “You will not find a good job until you become better than those who already do it.” Winona Nelson. Many young illustrators wonder why no one…