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A pencil is a great tool for drawing. In the skilled and talented hand of the master, with just one pencil, you can create unimaginable beautiful images. If you look…

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Outsider - art
Brute art or art brut is often confused with the so-called art of outsiders. But if art brut is rather “art of the crazy”, then outsider art is a broader…

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10 strangest paintings in world painting

For everyone, the concept of image strangeness is different, but many works are strongly out of the picture.
Painting by E. Munch

The work is one of the most famous in the world and belongs to the genre of expressionism. There are several interpretations of the image, the first character is terrified and screaming, the second he closed his ears so as not to hear the terrible sounds around. The author wrote it in a state of psychosis, when he felt exhaustion and saw how blood and fiery rivers flow through the sky.

“Where did we come from?” Who are we? Where are we going?”

The picture of P. Gauguin is saturated with philosophical meaning, it depicts the whole life path, from beginning to end of life.

You need to read it, starting from the right side. The picture was painted in the artist’s favorite place – in Tahiti. The artist himself considered this drawing the best and even thought about committing suicide.

Picasso’s work is very negative, its meaning is difficult to understand.

Here the artist showed suffering, helplessness. He spoke about the raid on the city of the same name, the result of which was its complete destruction. This is a clear reflection of fascism, created in just a month.

“Portrait of the Arnolfini couple”
The work of Jan van Eyck is very strange, many have already seen her images more than once.

The image has many references, allegories, even the signature is not standard. This work is very complex, and now the demand for the painting has increased even more.

“Demon sitting”
The image of M. Vrubel surprises with the non-standard presentation of a demonic creature.

In this case, he does not look aggressive, but rather, sadly and thoughtfully. His figure seems to be clamped, but surrounded by flowers, it shows an internal struggle. According to the artist on the canvas, the spirit is rather mournful, occupied with suffering.

“American Gothic”
The image of V. Grant looks wrong, it seems to be a portrait, but in reality it conveys a lot of negative details.

Both images are gloomy, the artist reflected retrograde, Puritanism, excessive severity of the depicted people. Forks are surprised in the middle of the image, and the repetition of their configuration in the clothes of a man indicates a threat.

The image without faces belongs to R. Magritte and conveys the idea of ​​blindness of love. In total, there are a couple of options when the couple looks at the viewer or kisses.

The idea is this: in a period of falling in love, the couple does not see others, but the partner is also a mystery. The artist himself liked to leave mysterious messages, almost all of his works are mysterious puzzles.

“Garden of earthly pleasures”
The work of I. Bosch is full of details and includes three components.

There are many fantastic figures that can be considered for a long time. Despite the long period of existence of the canvas, they did not come to a single conclusion about its meaning.

“Three ages of a woman”
The drawing was created by G. Klimt, he showed the main periods in the life of a woman.

It is amazing that she brings joy and sadness. The woman and the baby seem pleasant and carefree, connected by an ornament. An elderly woman expresses despair and is highlighted in a different background.

“Waterloo Bridge. The effect of the fog ”
The picture of C. Monet is unusual, because almost nothing is visible near it.

The secret is that, moving away from the canvas, you can see the circles, and even at a greater distance boats and the bridge itself are visible. The image becomes holistic and understandable.

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