The essence of Matisse painting
They say that the whole world is a canvas on which we all write. And revolutionaries are those who always write in broad strokes, without paying any attention to those…

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How to care for a baguette
The main enemies of the baguette are common factors in the form of dust, humidity, sunlight. Drafts and careless handling are also unfavorable for the product. Frames for the manufacture…

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Andrew World Part 3: "Christina's World."
The painting “Christina's World” became the quintessential success and glory of Andrew Wyeth, and turned into a real American “icon”, along with “American Gothic” by Wood, Whistler's “Portrait of Mother”…

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5 tips from successful illustrators

1. Quality Above All
“You will not find a good job until you become better than those who already do it.” Winona Nelson.

Many young illustrators wonder why no one has hired them so far. Here’s the bitter truth: YOU ARE OBLIGED TO BE BETTER than those who already work in the company, otherwise they have no reason to take you, because they already have a person who does a good job.
2. Reduce your portfolio
“Once upon a time I was taught that a portfolio is fully valued by the weakest work out of it. The work of an art director depends on whom he entrusts the execution of the work. And if your portfolio contains a picture with poorly depicted hands or strange poses, the employer will decide that this can happen again in work for him. ” Theresa Nielsen.

Many illustrators, especially students, tend to stuff in the portfolio absolutely everything that they have ever painted. Do not do this! Leave only the best, and if you are judged by the worst work, even if it will be good.

3. Enjoy the process.
“Enjoy what you are doing and don’t think too much about the result. If your work irritates you, then you are doing something wrong. ” Lisa Hunt.

Of course, the artist’s work is not easy and is often associated with disappointment, but it should not make you feel worthless and mediocre. Use any legal methods to make you happy!

4. Learn to say no.
“Finding one’s creative self is connected with the ability to say no. I believe that this is the biggest obstacle to the artist: we all love to clutch at everything. But it kills our development. You can understand that your favorite things are not necessarily what you should do, or you will choose some narrow direction and not be distracted by an outsider, but you must definitely make a choice. ” Christina Carroll.

To refuse is perhaps the most difficult for many of us, but the sooner you decide on your own path, the better. Just then your creativity will begin to develop.

5. The main thing is you yourself.
“We must create for ourselves – even in custom work, you need to find something of your own, that which you love, and draw with the thought of it. I fully realized this only over the years, but this is the best advice that I can give. ” Cynthia Shepard.

Exactly what you love will make you return to creativity again and again. When you find this love of yours, it will not only exalt your creativity to unprecedented heights, but will nourish your soul.

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