Soviet beauties
The Soviet Union existed for a rather long period of time, during which the features of urban development, its own industry, and specific art were developed. At that time, they…

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Why did the famous socialist realist Heliy Korzhev begin to write mutant-turliks ​​and paintings on biblical motifs
The work of Helium Korzhev is distinguished by a special vision, with one gesture he could express the thoughts of a whole generation. The Soviet painter was a professor, teacher,…

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5 tips from successful illustrators
1. Quality Above All “You will not find a good job until you become better than those who already do it.” Winona Nelson. Many young illustrators wonder why no one…

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Where to sell paintings: tips for a novice artist. Part 2

In the previous article, we talked about how to sell your paintings on the Internet. Want to go the more traditional way? Then your goal is galleries that work with novice authors.

Article structure:

Gallery Search and Risk Assessment
The main criteria when choosing a gallery
Terms of cooperation
General recommendations
Documents to Download
It should be borne in mind that recently opened spaces, which have nothing to offer artists with a name, are more often interested in such cooperation. Many people fear that the new galleries may turn out to be one-day ones.

What to look for when choosing, as well as how to minimize risks, we will tell in our new article!

To get started, study the information about galleries inviting for cooperation on the Internet: how long have you been open, by whom, what kind of reviews. Take a closer look at sites and accounts on social networks: how well-designed, what information is given, whether updates are regular. We recommend that you immediately familiarize yourself with the assortment of galleries and exclude those whose concepts and level do not correspond to your work – this will save you time.

In the process of searching, you may encounter the fact that a place under the ceiling in an art goods store, an empty corner in a baguette workshop, or a hostel corridor are positioned as galleries. Consider such options, but remember that selling your work is far from the primary concern for employees. Some anticafe, bars and restaurants also offer young authors the opportunity to temporarily post work in their interiors. When making a decision, proceed from how the line about such an exhibition will look in your creative resume.

The main criteria when choosing a gallery
When choosing a gallery for cooperation, remember that your main goal is to sell paintings, and they depend on competent marketing. Pay attention to whether there are publications about the space, how the gallery presents itself in the art market, what line of search the official site has appeared on. Successful trading is also facilitated by the availability of space for visitors. Obviously, the closer the gallery is located to the tourist routes and the cultural center of the city, the more likely it is that the paintings will be bought or at least noticed.

Next, consider the services that are provided to the authors. This can be a participation in a professionally organized exhibition, the opportunity to hold a creative meeting or a master class, publish in a catalog, or even improve skills in an art residence. However, note that you may be required to make financial contributions.

After you have studied all the available information and selected the appropriate gallery, the next step is to contact the manager. Carefully read the section with the offer of cooperation on the site: there may be indicated the requirements for the application and portfolio. Select exactly those images that correspond to the concept of the gallery, attach a resume and send it with a brief cover letter to the indicated mail. Be prepared for the fact that they will not answer soon, or the answer will not arrive at all. Do not take this as inattention and insult. Gallery owners receive a lot of applications, which are considered as needed; you may be contacted later. In case of failure – do not despair and continue the search.

Got a positive response? Congratulations!
As a rule, the terms of cooperation are discussed privately, so make an appointment. Prepare for the conversation by compiling a list of questions that interest you.

We recommend clarifying the following points during the interview:

What is the gallery development strategy? What events are planned in the coming months, and how can you participate in them?
How are sales made? Perhaps the gallery has its own client base (collectors, designers) and a catalog is being sent?
Does the space work with travel agencies, design studios and art dealers?
Does the gallery work on the “promotion” of its authors, and how is this done?
If a potential buyer or customer wants to contact you directly, will the gallery provide your contacts?
But the most important question, of course, will concern the material side of the matter: what percentage of the author’s cost of the work is charged when selling, or what margin the gallery has. If the percentage is high and sales are low, you should not count on big profits. Therefore, take an interest in how many works are sold per month, and also find out the manager’s opinion about the price you have set – maybe it should be adjusted.


While you are in the gallery, pay attention to the lighting and weight distribution, as well as the work of the staff. Advertising and a good location attract visitors, increasing cross-country ability, however, the atmosphere of space and the seller’s talent directly influence the purchase or not. Imagine yourself at the place of the buyer, and

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