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Rapidograph: what it is and how to choose

Currently, many believe that the computer has replaced the work of engineers and artists. But this is not so. Many authors use paints, pencils and other attributes to create drawings, models and sketches.
One of the most popular graphics tools was and remains a rapidograph.

What kind of beast is this?
Experienced engineers and artists do not need to explain what a speedograph is. But for those who have just begun their journey in this direction, the information will not hurt.

The device is a kind of ballpoint pen. Inside there is a flask for ink storage. Through a thin tube, ink is supplied to the substrate, drawing a clear line of a certain thickness. Depending on the model and manufacturer’s form, the products come with removable or refueling tanks.


The first rapidograph released by Rotring in 1953. Prior to this, drawing was carried out by the tracker. He did not give the opportunity to draw a clear monophonic line. Ink often flowed from it, making blots. Therefore, the speedograph became a real find.


Main properties and characteristics
The thickness of the tool line varies from 0.1 mm to 2 mm. At the same time, a thin ballpoint pen gives a stroke value of 0.5 mm. Thickness gradation has approximately 15 items. Therefore, you can easily choose a product for a certain type of activity or direction. Of course, it’s good to get all the thicknesses, but it will result in a decent amount 🙂

You need to buy a speedograph right away with ink and spare parts. Therefore, at the necessary moment, one or the other may not be available. Ink is purchased from the same company as the tool. In no case should you fill in the product with carcass or liquid to refill the printer. This will damage the tool.


Such beauty can be created with the help of a speedograph:


How to buy a speedograph: subtleties
As we wrote above, with this tool you can draw clear lines of the same width along the entire length. The variety allows you to make a drawing or drawing with many different thicknesses, so when buying, you should pay attention to the thickness.

Also pay attention to the design of the tool itself. The disadvantage is the fragility of the structure and its components. The thinnest places:

screw threaded nodes;
thin ink supply tube.
Excessive force when twisting, shaking, or hitting the tool may become unusable.

They say that the speedograph writes only in an upright position. In fact, the instrument can be tilted. Therefore, it is convenient for them to draw both in the horizontal plane and on the easel.

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