Title Media Date Sold
Tre Sorella Oil August 1984
Boy Walking Dog Ink October 1988
The Gladiola Field Watercolor January 1991
Pulcinella on the Roof Oil March 1991
River Commerce Watercolor September 1991
Musicians Watercolor October 1991
Sealed Door Oil October 1991
Violin Players Watercolor October 1991
The Skaters Watercolor October 1991
Painting Gondolas Watercolor October 1991
After Dinner Ink September 1992
The Cats Watercolor January 1993
Reading Oil March 1993
Looking Toward S. Giorgio Oil March 1993
Balancing Watercolor March 1993
The Puppets Watercolor March 1993
Ducks Oil March 1993
In Flu Enza Oil March 1993
Sibyl Oil July 1993
The Cold Bathers Watercolor September 1993
Playing By Aqua Alta Oil September 1993
Along Rio di San Toma Oil October 1993
Orange Cloak Oil October 1993
The Mask Shop Oil November 1993
Il Carevale Oil April 1994
Gravity Oil July 1994
Walking the Dog Watercolor September 1994
Pulling Ahead Oil December 1994
Waiting Oil January 1995
Water Polo Oil February 1995
The Still Race Oil June 1995
On the Brink Oil July 1996
The Echo of the Mandolin Oil December 1996
The Street Sweeper Oil June 1997
Moment in Time Oil April 1997
I Sposini Oil December 1997
Autumn Sonata Oil December 1997
I Sponsini Watercolor December 1997
First Mask Oil February 1998
Delivery on Rialto Oil May 1998
Kasamoto Dragon Watercolor May 1998
Afterwork Grappa Oil May 1998
Christina Oil July 1998
Cloth of Gold Oil April 2000
Lo Scherzo Oil April 2000
Lo Canale Tranquillo Oil April 2000
Rio San Polo Oil August 2000
Rhythm, Emotion, Dance Oil December 2000
delle Salute Oil December 2000
Granna's Dance Oil December 2001
Rio di Boldo Oil February 2003
That Tender Light Oil June 2004
Last Corner Home Oil June 2004
The Burghers Oil August 2004
The Bronze Age Oil August 2004
The Boatman Oil November 2004
Il Circolo Oil May 2005
From the Bridge Oil May 2005
Water Alphabet Oil July 2005
Walking the Tight Rope Oil July 2005
Vianello’s Wall Oil July 2005
Rio di Verona Oil September 2005
Quiet Canal Oil November 2005
Parasols Oil November 2005
Parcels Oil November 2005
Un Altro Giorno Oil November 2005
Perhaps Oil December 2005
The Silent Alphabet of Water Oil January 2006
A Quiet Nap Oil January 2006
Evening Practice Oil January 2006
Balancing Oil March 2006
Rehearsal Oil March 2006
Frieze Oil March 2006
Blast Oil May 2006
Rapunzel Oil May 2006
Walking Home Oil May 2006
Le Scale Oil May 2006
Meeting Her Parents Oil May 2006
La Gala Oil May 2006
I Pani Ink May 2006
Early Fall Oil May 2006
La Musica Ink June 2006
Feathered Friends Oil August 2006
Wow Oil March 2007
The Tryout Oil April 2007
Il Teatro Ink April 2007
Where Spring Has Gone Oil April 2007
Drifting Oil April 2007
Dozing Oil April 2007
Fog Bound Oil April 2007
Winter Light Oil April 2007
La Mia Via Oil July 2008
My View Oil July 2008
Through My Window Oil September 2008