Unlike many other types of art, printmaking is a fairly young phenomenon. It arose at the turn of the XIV - XV centuries. Despite the fact that the appearance of…

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William Morris - First Designer
The profession of designer today is popular and in demand. Specialists in this field make sure that our phones, cars, furniture and household items are not only functional, but also…

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Where to sell paintings: tips for a novice artist. Part 1
So, you are an aspiring artist and decided to monetize your talent. But your work is not yet familiar to either collectors or the general public, so cooperation with large…

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The essence of Matisse painting

They say that the whole world is a canvas on which we all write. And revolutionaries are those who always write in broad strokes, without paying any attention to those who seek to limit them.

The revolutionary artist uses new color combinations, new styles, but does not lose respect for the basics, and ultimately brings a new sound to all areas of art. Such an artist was Henri Matisse: not just a painter, but a man who generously splashed paints on the whole world of art. Matisse was an innovator, full of ideas, but also actively rethinking the past. His ideas are still reflected in the works of new and new creators. We can say that for many he opened the door to the world of art.

Henri Matisse opened his piggy bank with ideas and showed them to the world at the turn of two centuries, at the time of the flourishing of Art Nouveau. The era of modernism sought to admire the object, to equate them with art, in contrast to the past, when the artist turned the object into art using his talent. Continue reading

8 important principles of oil painting

Oil paints are responsive and versatile. But mastering is not as difficult as it might seem at first. The correct use of the color and texture of the oil allows you to embody ideas exactly the way you want. Consider several important principles of oil painting that will help you write better.

No. 1: Wet paint tends to “stain” white.
Wait for the applied layer to dry – for a long time. In the case of titanium, the use of quick-drying whitewash, for example, from Winsor & Newton, will help to avoid hitch in the wave of inspiration. But such a paint is denser than ordinary whitewash, so it will need to be diluted with a tee or just a solvent. Continue reading

Soviet beauties

The Soviet Union existed for a rather long period of time, during which the features of urban development, its own industry, and specific art were developed. At that time, they valued high internal qualities, and not a model appearance.

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The state needed purposeful, strong-willed, full of energy people, healthy in body and spirit. In the Soviet years, artists often painted women.

The goal of the creators.
The creators of that period sought to reflect the new female image. This affected the cinema, theater and, of course, paintings. Refined, sophisticated and pampered ladies were replaced by strong-willed women with a steel character.

New women were rebels, revolutionaries, activists, they became role models, led the masses. The struggle for gender equality was noticeably reflected: women abandoned household chores, pushing the patriarchal system, and sought rights on a par with men. Continue reading

The essence of Matisse painting
They say that the whole world is a canvas on which we all write. And revolutionaries are those who always write in broad strokes, without paying any attention to those…


Who are the copies?
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