Thinners for oil painting
Oil paints are pigments of various colors, ground to powder, which are then mixed on an oil basis in the paint of the desired consistency and density. Oil painting is…

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Italian, lead and silver pencils
A pencil is a great tool for drawing. In the skilled and talented hand of the master, with just one pencil, you can create unimaginable beautiful images. If you look…

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Rainbow Blast by Carol Carter
American artist Carol Carter works in commonplace watercolor, but her paintings look very unusual. Carol does not use a white background, a large amount of "air" and other standard techniques…

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Andrew World Part 3: “Christina’s World.”

The painting “Christina’s World” became the quintessential success and glory of Andrew Wyeth, and turned into a real American “icon”, along with “American Gothic” by Wood, Whistler’s “Portrait of Mother” and “Washington Crosses Delaware” by Emmanuel Loyce. Wyeth himself considered this work a “complete failure”, sending it to the Manhattan Gallery Macbeth in 1948. The Museum of Modern Art acquired the canvas for $ 1800.
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Christine Olson, completely paralyzed below her waist, Wyeth first saw him literally dragging himself across a field in Maine – “like a crab along the shores of New England Continue reading

Choosing Pastels for Beginners

Currently, the enthusiasm for creativity is gaining momentum: there are more and more art shops, and materials are more accessible. In the article we briefly consider the types of pastels and their properties.
Probably all of us, when we were children, drew albums with colored pencils, drew crayons on asphalt. So pastels are almost the same crayons, but more complex and interesting.

Types of Pastels
The pastel is divided into four types:

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Shrek’s father

Of course, you are familiar with the huge green ogre Shrek, who adores his swamp and solitude. In Russia, Shrek gained fame thanks to the eponymous cartoon (2001). But the usual animated ogre, modeled and drawn using computer programs, is very different from the first, book Shrek.
The story of Shrek was invented and illustrated by the famous American artist William Steig (1907-2003). This is not his only literary work – in his life Steig has written 25 books. True, the artist began to engage in writing already at an advanced age. Most of his legacy is made up of drawings, caricatures, and magazine illustrations. He created more than 1,600 illustrations for various publications, and, in the words of the influential Newsweek magazine, became King of the Caricature. Continue reading

African traditional art
The new year has passed, and winter does not end. Are you tired? Then let's get to the hottest continent - to Africa, and plunge a little into its history.…


Shrek's father
Of course, you are familiar with the huge green ogre Shrek, who adores his swamp and solitude. In Russia, Shrek gained fame thanks to the eponymous cartoon (2001). But the…


Red and purple
Red pigment is obtained due to high iron oxide red earth. For thousands of years, a bright red dye has been extracted from cochineal: to obtain 100 grams of pigment,…


William Morris - First Designer
The profession of designer today is popular and in demand. Specialists in this field make sure that our phones, cars, furniture and household items are not only functional, but also…