Andrew World Part 2
A small proportion of critics sometimes made attempts to "reconcile" Wyeth with the "main wave" of modernism. From time to time, disputes arose about the fact that in his works…

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Shrek's father
Of course, you are familiar with the huge green ogre Shrek, who adores his swamp and solitude. In Russia, Shrek gained fame thanks to the eponymous cartoon (2001). But the…

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The influence of color on the perception of the picture. Part 2.
Everyone knows the Black Square, but there are few who see in this work something individual and inimitable. But this is a whole hymn to how color can affect a…

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Andrew World Part 2

A small proportion of critics sometimes made attempts to “reconcile” Wyeth with the “main wave” of modernism. From time to time, disputes arose about the fact that in his works there was an abstract component that had a reference to the style of Klein, de Kooning and Pollock, which Wyeth himself spoke very contemptuously of.

How to photograph pictures.

In truth, his early watercolors of the 30s and 40s, written in a free manner, were indeed not without some abstractness. Despite the opinion of detractors, Wyeth’s style has changed and transformed over the years of his career, which contradicts both those who accused him of moving “along the beaten track” and those who set him as an example of “continuity and constancy in the conditions of instability and uncertainty of modern life. ” Continue reading

Choosing Pastels for Beginners

Currently, the enthusiasm for creativity is gaining momentum: there are more and more art shops, and materials are more accessible. In the article we briefly consider the types of pastels and their properties.
Probably all of us, when we were children, drew albums with colored pencils, drew crayons on asphalt. So pastels are almost the same crayons, but more complex and interesting.

Types of Pastels
The pastel is divided into four types:

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How to realistically convey skin tone with oil.

How to realistically convey skin tone with oil.
Oil is one of the classic art materials for portraiture. Nevertheless, it is the reproduction of the shades of human skin that represents the greatest difficulty for aspiring artists. Today we will talk about how to achieve realism in the image of the skin, without going into stylization and various impressionist techniques.
Color mixing.
When working with oil, special attention must be paid to the bright segments of the portrait.
It is recommended to put the light tone first: the effect of photorealism is achieved by playing in contrast, and the accuracy of the contrast is much easier to choose relative to the light spot. Continue reading

How to make a portfolio and resume of the artist. The advice of an art critic.
Throughout the centuries of the professional art trade, aspiring artists have attributed their work to the owners of exhibition spaces and art shops in the hope that they will be…


Rubleff brush
A company new to the Russian market under the original name Rubleff (formerly Eureka) was founded in 1988. From the first day, its range included specialized products for those who…


Where to sell paintings: tips for a novice artist. Part 2
In the previous article, we talked about how to sell your paintings on the Internet. Want to go the more traditional way? Then your goal is galleries that work with…


8 important principles of oil painting
Oil paints are responsive and versatile. But mastering is not as difficult as it might seem at first. The correct use of the color and texture of the oil allows…